The most innovative range of eco-friendly drinking straws in Asia Pacific.
All our straws are made of renewable resources, plastic free and biodegradable and compostable according to EU regulations.

Opt for sustainability and replace conventional petroleum-based plastic straws for good.
Bio. Logical. Biological.


Bio-Logical Straws

Envisioned in 2010, designed, developed and produced by our German partner manufacturer Bio-Strohhalme GmbH, our single-use plastic free drinking straws are completely biodegradable and quickly compostable.  

Made in the European Union, tested, and fully certified.


Visible to All with every Sip!

Perfect for events or everyday promotion of your brand.

Add your logo, promote your brand, and sustain your future. Be the brand that cares!



We just launched our new BIO-LIG suitable for hot beverages up to 70°C / 158°F. Made out of lignin, a byproduct of industrial paper making.



We offer a range of straws that not only supports your commitment to environmental sustainability, but also serves as an aesthetic statement and a unique marketing tool for your business. 


Important note: Let’s replace plastic straws while we are on the way to reduce straws altogether.

How To Purchase

Available to distributors and wholesalers, B2B and B2C F&B hospitality and retail, households and individuals.

Contact Us

LILY FLD Limited. Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.
Our regional office and fulfillment centre are located in Hong Kong.

​Across Asia Pacific, we work with our network of appointed wholesale and distribution partners.

Although our straws are biodegradable, they should only be disposed of in a controlled waste management infrastructure.

We do not encourage littering!  

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