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We first came across Bio-Strohhalme's original natural drinking straws in 2015 when we were already living and working in Asia for a decade. We quickly connected the dots: fast paced Asia is always on the go, loves take-aways, walks while sipping their refreshments. But Asia has a plastic waste issue - as the entire world has.


So, we founded LILY FLD Limited with the mission to offer Bio-Strohhalme's sustainable drinking straws, first by knocking doors in Hong Kong, then by expanding to Singapore and now by covering the entire Asia Australia region as Bio-Strohhalme's liaison office APAC, based in Hong Kong. Over the years, Bio-Strohhalme has launched a wide selection of eco-friendly drinking straws which we named bio_logicalstraws.                      

Bio. Logical. Biological (germanic homage to biologisch).


Established in 2014 in Bavaria, Germany, Bio-Strohhalme GmbH was founded on the principle of "sustainability - strategically anchored in the company". It is imperative to them that they not only work and act environmentally conscious but their vision has always been to offer the best alternatives to conventional plastic straws for a plastic free environment.

Their natural and organically manufactured sustainable drinking straws replace conventional fossil-based plastic straws in any F&B venue, and thus they ensure both - less plastic production and also less plastic waste after use.

Meanwhile, Bio-Strohhalme GmbH has turned into the global market leader with the largest and widest assortment of sustainable and biodegradable drinking straws. Their production sites in Germany and across the EU are constantly striving to develop new most innovative drinking straw products made of sustainable and renewable raw materials.

Winning the GreenTec Award 2014, Europe’s most prestigious environment- and economy award, was a testament to their conviction, hard work and efforts. In the same year, Bio-Strohhalme GmbH was runner-up for the Green Product Award honouring products and product ideas that combine outstanding design, innovation and sustainability and have the potential to be applied broadly in everyday’s life.

The Bavarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry also named them Sustainable Model Company.

Bio. Logical. Biological.