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Our eco-friendly straws out of renewable resources are available to distributors and wholesalers, B2B and B2C F&B hospitality and retail, households and individuals.

Bio-Strohhalme is the global leader for sustainable and premium quality drinking straws. Driven by their back-in-the-day innovation of natural renewable straws, Bio-Strohhalme now offers the widest selection of biodegradable drinking straws that not only support your commitment to environmental sustainability, but also serve as an aesthetic statement and a unique marketing tool for your business.

As we here at LILY FLD Limited learned more about their vision, enthusiasm and innovative approach, not to mention great products, we knew that they were a perfect fit for forward thinkers.

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Our APAC distribution network of dedicated and like-minded wholesale partners make our bio_logicalstraws available throughout the region. 

Please contact us for introduction to our appointed partners in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea or Japan.

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Interested in becoming a distributor yourself?

Reach out if you are based in an APAC country and would you like to build a sustainable future, eliminate plastic straws and offer biodegradable drinking straws of premium quality made in the European Union to your customers.


B2B F&B Food and Beverage and Retail

Our F&B customers range from local coffee shops to bars listed in Asia's 50 Best Bars, from take-away counters to casual family restaurants to fine dining, from chic boutique hotels to international brands of luxury hotels, from recreation clubs to universities and corporate cafeterias. We supply our sustainable straws to casinos in the region as well as to amusement parks. 


For retail, we offer straw packs (25 pcs, 50 pcs or any quantity, packed into biodegradable sugarcane bags, with or without paper insert, branded or as per customer requirement). Contact us for details.


Should you wish to offer your customers and guests our bio_logicalstraws and thus an alternative to conventional plastic straws, feel free to get in touch. We will handle your enquiry or pass it on to our partner in your region.

Households and Individuals

Kids love colourful straws for their breakfast milk. Or what's a garden party, pool barbecue or beach wedding without drinks and straws? Or do you maybe have a medical condition or you have just had dental surgery and you need a straw to be able to drink? 

Our smallest packaging units are of 500 pieces.